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Our Mantra

We Believe In Protecting Families, Saving People Money, Kindness To All, Caring For The Less Fortunate, Performing Great Customer Service, Giving Back To Communities, Good-Hard Work & Leaving This World In A Better Condition For Future Generations!

We Do Smart Home

Started in 2006, Aruna Solar began a partnership with APX which then became Vivint. That partnership along with customers like you has fueled our growth to become one of the largest smart home companies in the nation. Using award winning products and software, Aruna gives you the ability to secure your home, and turn it into a smart, energy efficient home.

We Do Solar

Our solar division started in 2011 with a partnership with Vivint & Sunrun which then partnered with national brand Lumio. With the largest solar network at our back we continue to press forward offering clean renewable energy to the nation for little to no upfront cost. We believe solar can bring amazing benefits to your home and the world. We have made the process simple for our customers by taking care of everything from A-Z.

Why We Do It

We Do It For Families Like Yours

Families! We believe in the family as the corner stone of society. Protecting families physically as well as financially is our primary reason for why we do this. Our employees are viewed as our family and when you choose to work .

We Do It For A Better Tomorrow

It's not as much about global warming as it is we want for our children to breath cleaner air and for them to drink cleaner water. By eliminating carbon dioxide emissions little by little we can begin leaving the world in a better condition for future generations.

Where Are We Located

Our Services Cover The United States

Aruna is headquartered in Utah with distribution centers in each state. In regards to solar we are in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida.

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